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Og's One Stop Shop
1024 Sutter Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63130
Og's One Stop Shop is located on Sutter Avenue, off Olive. The convenience store offers candy, soda, pizza, chicken andMore chips. When you need an item and you need it fast, stop by Og's One Stop Shop. Free parking is available.
Circle K Corporation
7449 Olive Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63130
Circle K is more than just a convenience store. Located on Olive Boulevard in U-City, it offersMore candy, snacks, drinks, fuel and a car wash. It also has restrooms on the premises. Cigarettes and liquor are available, too. Circle K is open 24 hours a day.  
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt
7708 Delmar Blvd, University City, MO 63130
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with more than 580 locations around the world. It offers aMore wide variety of live culture certified yogurts in rotating flavors that include selections like chocolate raspberry, cheesecake, grapefruit, green tea, coffee and more. Toppings include fresh fruit and candy. The shop also features outdoor seating.
Dough to Door
567 Melville Ave # A, University City, MO 63130

Dough to Door is a bakery located at 567A Melville, in the Loop.


Patrons can buy cookies and other baked goods in the store, but the tasty treats can be delivered directly to homes in University City, parts of Clayton, and students at Washington University and Fontbonne University. Naturally, patrons can order cold milk for delivery as well.

In addition to cookies, the business will offer other memory inducing sweets like brownies and rice crispy treats. Customers can also select made-to-order items, or create their own custom orders where they pick the dough and the extras, such as M&M's or other assorted candy surprises.

Cookies will be baked after the order is placed to insure they're warm and fresh.