MRH's Malcom Hill to be Assistant Principal, Not Athletic Director, at University City

He said he knew it was a possibility, and took the opportunity when it came up.

one-year athletic director Malcolm Hill will be an assistant principal at , .

He said he knew it was a possibility.

"It’s something I went to school for," he said. "I'm pretty sure I’ll do a good job at it. I’ll be able to do good things over there."

Hill said he had partial assistant principal duties at Normandy High School, where he was before MRH.

"When I came to Maplewood I was fully for athletics, and I was fine with that, but this opportunity presented itself, as possibly being an assistant principal," he said. "It’s a career move for me so I decided to take it."

MRH's seven-year assistant principal to be principal at University City.

Dennis Love is the new assistant principal at MRH. Love will assume his duties beginning July 1. He's been with the Normandy School District since 1998.


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