University City Wards Over Time

Paulette Carr is a University City resident who runs the website ucitycitizen.org.

The City Council is proposing a change in the ward boundary lines of University City. The council is expected to vote on the redistricting on Monday, October 10.

University City resident Paulette Carr has compiled a history of how the wards of University City have looked over time... from 1948 to the present. U City Patch is providing a link to the story on Carr's website UCityCitizen. Click here to read Carr's story.

Editors’s Note: The Community Forum column is for University City residents to voice their opinions on happenings in U City. The views expressed are not those of University City Patch nor its editorial staff, and solely reflect those of the author. The content has not been edited other than to fix spelling or grammatical errors.


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