U City Elections: What Do You Want to Know?

Patch wants to know what you want to ask the candidates in the race School District of University City board of education..

Election season is upon us and University City Patch is gearing up to bring you the best local election coverage possible. 

Local elections are Tuesday, April 2.

There is no election for City of University City offices this year, but there is quite a race for seats on the School District of University City Board of Education. There are four candidates on the ballot for two open seats on the board.

The candidates are, in order of filing:

  • Maria Chappelle-Nadal, incumbent
  • Tom Peters, incumbent
  • Edward McCarthy, challenger
  • Edward Propst, challenger

Voters will also decide whether to approve Prop U, a $19.4 million bond issue that is expected to not raise the district's tax levy. 

Patch Participation

As we prepare to interview the candidates, U City Patch wants to know what issues are on the minds of voters. If you were asking the questions, what would you ask? 

Is there a hot button issue which you would like to hear a candidate's opinion? Do you have general questions you would like to see all candidates answer or do you have specific questions for certain candidates? 

Add your questions to the comment section at the bottom of this story and Patch will include them in our candidate questionaire. Please ask questions that are on point and deal with the issues — this is not a forum for personal attacks on one candidate or a specific issue.

This is your election University City — what information do you need before heading into the voting booth? 

Local Voices

Patch is inviting all local candidates for city council and school board to blog on the University City Patch site. If candidates choose to participate, their blogs will appear under Local Voices on the Patch site.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal already blogs on the site. Her blogs can be found here.

These blogs are the opinions of the candidates and the content is owned by them. Patch reviews posts for spelling and grammar — we do not and will not edit for content. Blog posts are done at will by the blogger and can be written as often or infrequently as the blogger chooses.

Patch is providing a platform. We hope that this spurs open discussion and increased awareness. Please remember to keep comments cordial and on point. 

Ellen Bern February 26, 2013 at 10:28 PM
What is the candidate's stand on the upcoming bond issue, Prop U? What is the candidate's opinion on the need for a quality pre-K program in this district?
Jan Adams March 04, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Where can I find the plans for the new library? Is there a website that will be kept during during the campaign?
Cindy March 04, 2013 at 08:08 PM
Jan, the Prop U campaign web site is www.Propu.org. Renderings for the library are being created but are not yet ready. The renderings will be published on the Prop U site as will as the district site when completed.
MMW March 08, 2013 at 08:04 PM
I'd like to hear from Ed Probst and Ed McCarthy on their stand on issues. Are there any upcoming dates to meet them or hear from them? I see that Tom Peters has his Facebook and Twitter page and Maria has her blogs but I would also like to hear from the other 2 candidates
Edward McCarthy March 18, 2013 at 10:58 PM
Ellen, you know my stand on PU--it stinks. First the district has the money to fix up the few major items(roofs) from the sale of Delmar Harvard. Second issue with the District is there is NO maintenance program. I would like to use the analogy of a teenager with a vehicle. They are given a car to drive but never change the oil, put in new air filters, or check the tires for air pressure. This is what University City School District does. The School District does NOT take care of the facilities it currently has so why should the citizens give them more. When you see substantial maintenance program dollars being spent on the current facilities then we will give the administration NEW items. Third issue, putting $16 million out of $19.4 into unnecessary rooms--yes a library when you already own one, is a total waste of money. It would be like you adding an above ground pool in your front yard when you already have one in your back yard. PRE-K I am not sold on Pre-K programs. I would rather see the School Districts 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades go to a longer or year round program rather than adding a Pre-K. Yes the Pre-K does do some good for the children who are behind, but by the third grade these children are on par with everyone else or are falling behind. But the overall benefits of a Pre-K are absorbed or surpassed by a good 1,2,3rd grades. Also if Pre-K is so important why is the District RENTING OUT rooms in the Julia Goldstein building. If you want Pre-K present it.
Edward McCarthy March 18, 2013 at 11:14 PM
MMW, since you are asking what are the issues I will tell you. The three biggest issues are: Student Achievement, District Accreditation, Staff Morale. Here is why. Student Achievement has been an issue for the last 20+ years. Someday the school board is going to have to take a stand and require the students to meet certain standards. Not the State or the Feds...the school board. District Accreditation is going to be a BIG problem next year. The state is changing how things are going to be measured and it does not look pretty for UCSD. Staff Morale...we have 17 teachers that quit or retired this spring. Do I need to say more. Any problem in the district is the School Boards responsibility. I do not think the current board handling the major issues very well. Oh and by the way Maria talking about GUNs on her blog does nothing for the educational system we currently have...someday she is going to have to begin to address the issues listed above. You can comment and then I will continue...my fingers are getting tired.


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