Election 2012: Terry Crow for Ward 1

The incumbent Ward 1 councilman is up for reelection on April 3.

University City Patch asked each municipal candidate to fill out an election questionnaire based on our questions and .

Each candidate was given the same questionnaire. Look for the candidate responses to reader questions on Sunday, March 25. 

Here is , candidate for Ward 1, in his own words. 

  • Name: Terry Crow
  • Age: 50
  • Years lived in U City: 17
  • Family: 
Crow and his partner, Tom Peters, live near and are the proud parents of their son and daughter.
  • Education: Crow earned his law degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a bachelor’s in accounting from Westminster College. He is licensed to practice law in Missouri.
  • Web site: http://www.crowforucity.com
  • Contact information: terry@crowforucity.com; 314-918-0045 (work) 
314-862-3437 (home) 
  • Previously held elected office: Crow has served on the City Council for University City representing Ward 1 for 4 years.

Professional Background

Terry brings an extensive legal and financial background to University City’s city council. He has previously served as:

  • President and CEO of the Edward Jones Trust Company, an entity that he created and grew for Edward Jones and became a general partner of the firm. As a general partner, Terry also became responsible for the financial planning department of Edward Jones, giving lectures to brokers, management and clients throughout the United States
  • CEO of the Guaranty Trust Company of Missouri, a privately held trust company in Clayton, Mo. that offers personal trust and investment management services to businesses and individuals;
  • A lawyer in the Jefferson City firm of Hawkins, Brydon & Swearengen.
  • Currently, Terry is an owner a number of small businesses. He is also a partner at the Crow Takacs law firm.
  • A lifelong volunteer, Terry recently received the prestigious Michael Edlin Award from Doorways, a nonprofit that offers supportive housing for people with HIV/AIDS. He served on the Doorways’ board of directors for nearly 10 years, five of which he was chair. The award is named after Doorways’ founding board member. He also serves Planned Parenthood as chair of its investment committee, treasurer and chair of the finance committee and sits on its executive committee. Terry recently completed a 12-year term on Opera Theatre of St. Louis’ board of directors. He was chair of the finance and investment committees.

What do you like about U City?

I am proud to live in a city where people from different cultures, religions, orientations, colors and political opinions can come together to create a safe, vibrant community for themselves and their children.

If you could change one thing, what would be?

U. City needs a more vibrant and robust commercial tax base so we are less reliant on residential real estate property tax. We need to continue to make economic development a priority for our city.

Identify the top three challenges U City is facing at this time?

  • We need to be able to continue to offer a high level of resources with shrinking revenues, so U. City continues to be an attractive place to live and work.
  • We need to continue to attract and retain new businesses to expand our tax base, like the new development at the 1-170 interchange, as well as the planned mixed-used development in the Loop.
  • Far too often, our city government has been making unilateral, enigmatic decisions on issues critical to the future of our community, without the input of our citizens and business owners. I firmly support clear, open communication, community-wide discussion, and early intervention so we can build an even better place to live – together.

How would you characterize U City’s economic climate and what plans do you have to work on it?

U City has a robust, exciting economic climate with a lot of promise. For example, there is a very exciting project underway with one of our most important neighbors – Wash U. They are in the planning stages of a new, $80M mixed-use development north of the Loop that will encompass the Southside of Enright – anchoring Eastgate and Westgate. This new development will help to solidify The Loop — named one of the “Ten Best Streets in America” — as a premier retail destination, and will include underground parking, new retail space, and student housing for 550. In addition, there is planned green space, as well as green water features adding to the beauty of the area, which will attract more upscale merchants and tenants to the area. This land is currently owned by Wash U. — which means that it is already off the property tax rolls — but because U. City receives sales and other tax revenue based on population, the new development will mean significant new tax dollars for the city. The development is planned to begin January 2013, and is scheduled for completion in August of 2014. I participated in study sessions regarding the best uses for the retail space, and have been in conversations with Wash U. and the City Council about the development.

What is your philosophy on economic development and financial responsibility?

First – we need to concentrate on the businesses that have chosen to be a part of the U. City landscape, and help them expand in any way we can. We need to keep asking ourselves “What can we be doing as a city to help the businesses that are so important to our economic climate? How can we be partners with them to help them succeed and grow?”  

Secondarily, the Delmar/170 interchange area of strategic growth, and the city needs to be a leading partner in that expansion — not a hindrance, and not a follower.

How would you increase citizen participation in government and volunteer boards?

I serve on the City Council so that I can help continue to make U. City a better place to live — with your help. I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to have a voice at the table in City government, and a chance to ask the difficult questions that many others have been reluctant to ask—about the budget, City hiring practices, and the future of the golf course, for example. 

I am not afraid to be the lone voice asking the difficult questions when something isn’t adding up. My style may not make me the most popular City Council member among my fellow members, but it makes me a responsible citizen, and reliable steward of your tax dollar. I’m hopeful that I can motivate other concerned citizens to lend their voices and contribute to this important conversation. 

What do you want the voters in your ward to know about you?  

As a businessman, attorney and civic leader, I am able to help create an economic climate that is attractive to business owners, developers, shoppers, and the educational institutions that share our city and generate much of our revenue. Seeking smart economic solutions together is part of what makes U. City a great place to live. We need to keep balancing our economic needs with the needs of our homeowners, citizens and residents – who love U. City’s quiet streets and green spaces – through open lines of communication.  

As former president and CEO of the Edward Jones Trust Company, an entity that I created and grew, I bring significant financial knowledge to the City Council. As part of the City Council, I was able to use my finance background to help ask the right questions, steer the city through turbulent economic times, and plan for a bright financial future. I am a partner at the Crow Takacs law firm, the owner of several franchises, and active in a number of volunteer organizations including Chair of the Children’s Service Fund Board which grants $35M annually in St. Louis County.

I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to have a voice at the table in City government, and a chance to ask the difficult questions that many others have been reluctant to ask—about the budget, City hiring practices, and the future of the golf course, for example. 

I am not afraid to be the lone voice asking the difficult questions when something isn’t adding up.

concerned March 23, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Terry, Where do you stand in terms of violence against women? How do you feel about U City employees who have a history of domestic violence? Would you take a complaint against such an employee from a female citizen seriously?
Shimmy Jimmy March 23, 2012 at 08:30 PM
So where do you stand of your religious beliefs, Terry? No mention of that in your bio. Son and daughter are adopted or from a previously failed marriage?
Dominique Nash April 27, 2012 at 02:49 AM
Great job Terry! Glad to see you doing well! God bless! Dominique


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