Election 2012: Jan Adams for Ward 2

Adams faces Paulette Carr for the Ward 2 seat in the April 3 election.

University City Patch asked each municipal candidate to fill out an election questionnaire based on our questions and . Each candidate was given the same questions.

Here is Jan Adams, candidate for Ward Two, in her own words. 

Professional Background

Over 30 years of legal and legislative experience advocating for consumer rights and prosecuting fraud as a former Missouri Assistant Attorney General. 

Civic Service

  • Secretary of University City Civil Service Board; 
  • Co-Administrator of Fair UCity; 
  • Member of various Bar Associations

What do you like about U City?

  1. Our progressive and diverse community
  2. Our beautiful neighborhoods, parks and gardens
  3. Our vibrant culture and community events.

If you could change one thing, what would be?

I would change our political discussions to focus on positive and creative problem solving.

Identify the top three challenges U City is facing at this time?

  1. We are facing higher taxes, so I will work hard and smart to attract new businesses and residents. 
  2. We need better communication between city government and staff, between city staff and residents and among our various boards/commissions and our external partners. 
  3. We must find ways to improve city services through diligent oversight and efficient organization.

How would you characterize U City’s economic climate and what plans do you have to work on it?

Our economic climate is improving, due to anticipated increase in sales tax revenue, emerging small commercial development and the cost-cutting measures in the City Administration. 

My plans are to:

1) provide diligent oversight of our budget to manage well what money we now have,

2) to advocate for improving the operations in our Finance Department, and

3) to provide capital budgets that meet the needs of the City.

What is your philosophy on economic development and financial responsibility?

My philosophy on economic development is growth through commercial developments. My philosophy on financial responsibility is to rely on the funds that we have to provide essential services for safety, health and infrastructure.  

What are the three issues of greatest concern to the Ward you seek to represent? How would you address each of these concerns?

The three issues of greatest concern to Ward 2 are: effective and timely communications; threat of flooding; and cost of city services.

I will:  

  1. Hold regular town hall meetings for residents and assure timely written communication with our boards/commissions and our partners to assure that we are truly working together on our economic development;
  2. Collaborate with both the Federal Government and MSD to alleviate the problems with River Des Peres;
  3. Provide diligent oversight of our budget and city staff to ensure the most efficient delivery of city services.

How would you increase citizen participation in government and volunteer boards?

I will challenge baby boomers to join me in giving back to a community that has given us such a great quality of life. I have created a summary of all of the boards, commissions, task forces and community organizations to demonstrate the many opportunities for service. I will focus on communications so that each citizen believes his or her contribution is valuable and that together we can and will move our City forward.

What do you want the voters in your ward to know about you?

I have the integrity, the professional experience and the strong desire to represent your interests. I have the communication skills and the ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds to achieve our progressive goals. I have confidence that the majority of our citizens want to work together to improve our City’s image and our quality of life.

concerned March 23, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Jan, Where do you stand on violence against women and how would you handle a complaint by a female citizen against a U City employee who was a court determined wife abuser with a protection order served against him. Would you support such an employee in a position of authority?


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