Citizen Fights to Turn Lights Back on at Ruth Park

University City resident forms website to urge city officials to turn lights back on at Ruth Park Driving Range.

A University City resident frustrated by the city manager's decision to permanently turn off the lights at the Ruth Park Driving Range has taken to the Web.

Ed Mass has created a website for residents to send emails to the city manager, mayor, and city council asking them to turn the lights back on until 9:00pm.

The website also links to a page that lists off various points to argue in favor of turning on the lights.

The range lights have been off for several months. Residents complained that the lights were too bright. Earlier, this month City Manager Lehman Walker decided to keep the lights off, telling University City Patch that "it was in the best interest of the residents who live across the street." Before the policy change, the range lights would stay on until 9:30pm, weather permitting.

A committee of driving range neighbors and golf enthusiast was formed at Walker's insistence to look at complaints about the range and make recommendations. A permanent shutdown of the lights was not among the suggestions sent to him. 

This is a link to the website: http://www.RuthParkGolf.org


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