Adding Vietnam Veterans' Faces to the Names on the The Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is seeking to add a photo for every name on The Wall in Washington, D.C. There are six University City veterans featured on The Wall.

What if you could put a face to every name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial? Officials with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) hope you can.

The National Call for Photos is a project organized by the VVMF to match a headshot or portrait photograph to every service member listed on The Wall.

The pictures will be displayed in an exhibit at the future Education Center at The Wall, an underground visitors center to be built near the Vietnam Veterans and the Lincoln memorials. Everyday, the center will celebrate the birthdays of service members who died during the Vietnam War by featuring their photos on a giant digital wall.

So far, 25,526 veterans have complete profiles with at least one photograph, according to George Pojani, a VVMF research associate. These profiles are currently featured on The Virtual Wall, an online database of the memorial's veterans.

There are 146 veterans' names on The Wall who were from St. Louis County. Six of the service members are from and two of those still need photos. They are:

Name Rank Branch of Service Killed in Action Photo Allen Sheldon Cherry Capt. U.S. Air Force Aug. 9, 1967 Yes Richard David Chorlins Capt. U.S. Air Force Jan. 1, 1970 Yes Ronnie Lee Hawks PFC U.S. Marine Corps Dec. 28, 1969 No Gary Stuart Poscover CPL U.S. Army Feb. 2, 1968 Yes M J Savoy AN U.S. Navy June 17, 1966 Yes Peter Anthony Schrader CPL U.S. Marine Corps Nov. 9, 1967 No

To locate photos for the project, contributors can visit The Wall website and search for veterans who enlisted in their area. The VVMF recommends contacting family and friends of the veterans to find photographs or visit local libraries and search through yearbooks or newspaper obituaries.

To submit a photograph, contributors should obtain a high quality scan of the image. They may also post a remembrance. The VVMF will send an email to contributors when their photograph is posted with a matching profile.

Relatives of service members with complete profiles are encouraged to submit photographs to the VVMF, even if there is already a photo available.

Pojani says that the contributors to the National Call for Photos will help improve the visitor's experience at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

"It's a place where people can go back and find stories about all the casualties on The Wall," Pojani said about the future education center. "It will be more personal than just names on The Wall."


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