U City Woman Arrested on Meth Charges

The arrests came while the St. Charles County Drug Task Force was investigating possible meth labs in the 2400 block of Chesstal Street in St. Charles.

The Drug Task Force arrested three people May 2 who have been charged with making or attempting to make methamphetamine.

They defendants are:

  • Kristi Dodt, 31, of University City
  • Ramarra Conner, 46, of Dellwood
  • Heather Adams, 34, of unincorporated North County

According to a task force report, detectives were investigating possible meth labs in the 2400 block of Chesstal Street in St. Charles when a suspect spotted a detective and told others police were in the area.

Three people got in a Ford F-250 truck and two women got in a car and left quickly.

Detectives pulled over the F-250, with Teresa McConnell driving and passengers Shawn Moore and Conner.

Conner and Moore had outstanding warrants and McConnell was driving while revoked, according to the report. During a vehicle search, detectives found two packages of pseudoephedrine and a bottle of butane lighter fluid inside a backpack.

Moore told detectives it was his backpack, but denied having the pseudoephedrine. He and McConnell said Conner put the pseudoephedrine in the backpack. They said Conner and his girlfriend, Kristi Dodt, make meth on a regular basis.

Detectives also found seven grams of meth in Moore's pocket.

A record check showed that Conner and Dodt had made 50 pseudoephedrine purchases and had 12 blocked purchases, according to the task force report.

While in custody at St. Charles County Corrections, Conner tried to assault a corrections officer and was tased several times, court documents read.

The task force report said Conner has an extensive criminal record in Oregon, including third- and second-degree assault and hit and run with injury caused. The report said Conner told detectives he ran over a police officer after a drug deal.

pulled over the car with Adams and Dodt. During a vehicle search, police found chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

Adams and Dodt said the chemicals were intended to make meth, according to the report.


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