Missing Person, Assaults Top Crime Reports in July

Check out the round up of stories related to crime in University City during the month of July.

July was a busy month for the with two shootings and several other crimes. 

In case you missed them, these are the University City crime stories published in July 2012.

  • July 2 — 
  • July 7 — 
  • July 10 — 
  • July 11 — 
  • July 12 — 
  • July 12 — 
  • July 13 — 
  • July 14 — 
  • Juy 15 — 
  • July 16 — 
  • July 19 — 
  • July 20 — 
  • July 20 — 
  • July 25 — 
Nora August 02, 2012 at 05:22 PM
It's disingenuous to include the July 15 and 16 stories in this listing, because a simple review of the story shows that the runner died in Pennsylvania, not in UCity. Furthermore, this kind of story tells readers nothing about the prevalence of unresolved crimes in our area that don't hit the headlines. Why can't we receive the crime reports as we had before, in which all the crimes for a given time period were reported? That was the real benefit of the UCity patch site.


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