Wax On...Wax Off

University City Patch Editor Myra Lopez shares her run-in with an overzealous stylist.

If you do a Google search for 'eyebrow + Rogaine' you get 362,000 results.  

I have less than 24 hours to regrow an eyebrow after an overzealous stylist going after a stray hair waxed off half of my eyebrow. I'm attending a family wedding Saturday and wanted to look nice. Instead, I look punk rock.

"It's hardly noticeable," my husband said to me. I forgive him this little lie because it comes from a place of caring. But, it's hard not to notice. I'm missing half an eyebrow. Oh, and the red welts don't help either.

I write this not to bad mouth the establishment but to urge others to listen to their inner voice.

It was proximity not performance that propelled me to become a client. The salon was right across the street from my house and always had an opening (red flag) and was cheap (red flag).

Friday afternoon, I walked into the salon, which I'll call - a cut below the rest - and said I needed a touch up. Loosely translated that means leave my eyebrow arch alone and get rid of the miscellaneous hairs. 

The stylist went to work with her hot wax as we chatted about Saturday's wedding. When she handed me the mirror to see the results I about fainted. Actually, I let out an expletive. Something akin to what Vice President Joe Biden said to President Barack Obama after the president had signed the health care bill into law.

She had clear cut one of my eyebrows. I was trying to get a stray hair she said to me. Mission accomplished and then some I thought.

I numbly paid and tipped her. Why? Who knows - because I'm a nice person. I actually couldn't believe she accepted the payment.

The stylist, feeling my displeasure, offered to remedy the situation by dyeing the area darker to bring out any little hairs she may have missed. 

Ok. Why not. I sat back down and she applied dye to my bald patch. I saw no difference. So, she penciled in an eyebrow.

How fast does your hair grow back she asked me with a perplexed look on her face. "Not before tomorrow's wedding," I said.

She then handed me the eyebrow pencil. "Take it. It's the least I can do," she said.

"I don't know how to draw on an eyebrow," I said. "Until this moment I've always had them," I added.

So, if you see me around town in the next couple of weeks  - no I have not joined a punk band. And no, I did not go with the Rogaine option. I opted for a cheaper experiment.

When you search for 'eyebrow + castor oil' you get 161,000 results. 

Diana Soliwon June 16, 2011 at 02:55 PM
I'm laughing, but not 100% at you ... Great column :) You'll be the coolest kid at the wedding. Picture! Picture!


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