Kids, Parents and Grandparents: Blog Free at U City Patch

With a built-in connection to the University City community, you can't choose a better or more supportive platform than Patch's free Local Voices blogs. Start yours today! Here's what you'll get out of it.

University City Patch is seeking family bloggers who are interested in sharing their thoughts on family life in the area. Family bloggers can post photos, videos and  their advice and opinions on situations, events and issues.

If you live or work in the University City area, we want you to blog on U City Patch’s free Local Voices platform.

Get started right here.

What You Get Out of It

As a Local Voices blogger, you’ll have the ear of local residents, so you can let the community know what you think, offer tips and advice and more. You can post photos and videos, too.

We regularly feature our bloggers on our homepage, so your voice will be heard. And if writing isn’t your thing, University City Patch is also looking for photographers and videographers to send us images of life around town--or just around your house.

We're flexible like that--and after all, it's YOUR blog!

If you’ve got a big announcement or an exciting post, we’re happy to feature it on the front page and help you promote it.

Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles are welcome to blog as teams, and if your kids are old enough, why not start a family blog?

You can even blog about local issues that aren’t directly related to family life, including things like law changes and other stories that relate to kids and families. Or maybe you want to share a great sale you found, advertise your upcoming event or share pictures of your kid's birthday party. It’s your blog, so you get to write what you want.

Kid Bloggers Welcome

You don’t need any experience to get started, and it won’t cost you a thing, except a few moments of your time.

If you don’t think you’ll have time to keep up with a blog by yourself, remember that you can blog as a team with your siblings, parents or friends. We’d also be happy to have blogs from schools or teams in the area!

And to the students: if you're planning to go to college to pursue journalism, this is an ideal extracurricular activity and a great opportunity for you--and it will really enhance your college applications. 

It’s All About You

This isn't a reporting job. It's blogging. You write what you want to say when you want to say it. Do it on your schedule, whether that means you post multiple entries per day or a couple times a month.

While there's no pay involved, you'll get to put your valuable views on a site that is increasingly serving as a community hub. 

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