Is It Tacky To Propose On Christmas? An Etiquette Expert Says No

A St. Louis etiquette expert says its ok to ask her if she will over the holidays.

If you're thinking of piggybacking an engagement onto Christmas, a St. Louis etiquette guru says it's fine, just make sure to get the entire family onboard.

"Other family members need to have an idea of what's going on so they can be prepared with the congratulations and not feel like the flare was taken out of Christmas," said Melenie Broyles,  an etiquette expert.

She says for a lot of people it's a no-brainer to pop the question on Christmas.

"Family is in town and they can ask permission of a parent and they can celebrate together," said Broyles.

"What I don't encourage them to do is to do it at at somebody else's birthday party."

She says it's thoughtless to take away another person's day.

A New Year's Eve proposal also passes the etiquette test.


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