Eating My Way Through University City: Fitz's

University City Patch's resident foodie finally gives Fitz's in the Loop a try.

Whenever we head to the Loop in search of food, I always overlook (6605 Delmar Blvd). It’s not that I had heard negative things or that I have an aversion to root beer. Rather, I think of as a tourist stop and have always had the option of buying their premium sodas in the grocery story.

That all changed last week, when I found myself in the Loop with my brother, who was craving a hamburger, and my husband, who wanted to sit outside. With a large patio and a menu featuring nearly a dozen different burgers, I could make two of my favorite men happy. Win and win.

As enjoyable as it was to enjoy the summer-like weather sitting under an umbrella on the patio, I was tempted to take a seat indoors, where customers have a front row seat to Fitz’s bottling line. Several kids gathered near the glass windows, watching brightly colored sodas fill the vintage glass bottles, moving along each step in the assembly line.

On a weeknight evening, the restaurant was busy, but the restaurant was well staffed and there was no extensive wait for our food. Our party of five surveyed the menu. Though my brother was set on that hamburger he was craving, the rest of us had a tough time weighing our various options. From sandwiches to fish tacos to meatloaf, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who couldn’t find something they liked amidst all of the options.

Our group ended up with a variety—a few different hamburgers, the veggie sandwich on marble rye, and the chicken mole burrito. Portion sizes were generous and many of the dishes come with a side—a choice of baked beans, cole slaw, or French fries.

Although the black and bleu burger turned out to be nothing special, the vegetable sandwich was surprisingly delightful. A thick filling of zucchini, eggplant, and peppers topped with melted provolone turned out to be hearty and flavorful. Fitz’s baked beans err on the sweet side, thanks to their secret ingredient (Fitz’s root beer!). I don’t consider myself a French fry lover, but I couldn’t keep my hands out of my husband’s hefty pile of them!

The star of the meal, however, was the root beer shake my brother wisely ordered. Arriving in a classic metal tin, the root beer flavor was fresh and strong. Their dessert menu is full of a unique variety of floats and shakes featuring their sodas, many of which I’ve never seen on another menu. Purple Splash or Mt. Everest Special, anyone?!

Though it took us awhile to make our way to Fitz’s, I’m glad we finally stopped in. Although the food is nothing special, you’re sure to please a large group or a family with varying tastes. Even better, stop in for a treat and a chance to watch the bottling line!


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