Council Member Terry Crow Shares With Constituents Concerns Over Council Environment

Council member Crow has e-mailed his constituents expressing his concerns over the budget, the mayor and a reprimand of a fellow council member.

Council member Terry Crow has sent an email to his constituents in the First Ward expressing his concerns over "recent events" in U City and urging them to turn out for tonight's City Council meeting.

"Those with the power are dismantling our community infrastructure, demoralizing city employees, and creating a great deal of ill will," he wrote in the email.

Crow took issue with a  resolution to reprimand Council member Byron Price. "For the first time in my tenure on the council the mayor is asking the council to reprimand an elected official," he wrote.

In the letter of reprimand, University City Mayor Shelley Welsch alleges Council member Price defamed the city manager, spoke in a bullying fashion to an employee and a member of council, verbally attacked a council member, the mayor, and her office, became physically menacing by rising from his chair, and impugned the reputation of members of council.

Crow denied Price ever left his chair and said the council member "only spoke passionately on behalf of the citizens he represents and residents from all corners of our city."

Crow sees the letter of reprimand as "part of council majority’s plan to silence our citizens by intimidating Mr. Price into submission."

The council member also expressed  his concerned that City Manager Lehman Walker is eliminating positions without consulting the Council, something he is not required to do. Crow said the council just learned the city manager has eliminated 9 positions. He feels the terminations aren't warranted. 

"These reductions come at a time when we have the highest level of cash reserves in our city’s history," he wrote.

Crow was also dismayed by the mayor's removal of a resident from a city board. "None of the 42 questions that I asked about this matter have been answered."

Crow ended his email by saying he fears that "the essence of our community is under attack by the aggressive tactics being deployed by the council majority."

Gloria Nickerson February 28, 2011 at 07:58 PM
Council member Crow is right on target. This mayor and council need to stop the end fighting and listen to the citizen concerns as they initiate legislation that will keep U. City moving forward in a positive direction. It appears that the citizens are only good enough to pay taxes, their concerns are heard, yet seldom addressed. When one is elected to head anything, they should first learn how to work with the team, and in order to do that you must listen and not come with your own personal hidden agendas. Some on this council instigate, then remove themselves and leave others to implement their inappropriate and/or illegal acts. This community has had to endure (10) months of hidden agendas....it's time to stop this and enact good legislation for U. City. Should this council choose to continue its present behavior..our city will be forced to use the reserve/surplus on all of the potential litigations in court. I would hope that the buyout for the residents on Wilson Avenue does not get caught up in this drama. We do not need a council that does not work for its citizens.
Holston Black Jr. February 28, 2011 at 11:05 PM
YES, YES, I agree with councilmember Crowe, I was at this meeting all the way through. If councilmember Price left his seat, except at the end of the meeting I would have seen it. Maybe it's because I am an African American and we see things from a different perspective. The other issues brought forth in councilmembers Crowes e-mail are some of the ones I have commented on in this fine publication. I am so glad you are here. With transparency maybe we can curtail this volatile situation before it really gets out of hand. This community has been a fine one to raise a family in and can remain so if we continue to believe in (ALL MEN AND WOMEN ARE CREATED EQUAL ETC.).
Maggie Stanley Majors March 01, 2011 at 11:42 PM
I'm so glad people are using this venue to speak out. Now new tech-savvy folks are joining those who have been city council meeting veterans for years. Together we can do something. Everyone can read Crow's entire letter here: https://sites.google.com/site/ucitycitizen/city-council/council-member-crow-s-feb-27-2011-update


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