Shane Co. Remodel Well Underway at Former Flotkens

Residents are buzzing about the remodeling work underway at 9643 Olive Boulevard — the former Flotkens supermarket.

Lots of talk about the remodeling happening to the former Flotken's Market at 8643 Olive. Do you know what business is moving into the building, and what their intentions are for that gorgeous mid-century modern building?

— Toby Weiss, to Patch, via email.

Aluminum wall studs are installed, heating and air systems are being fitted in place, the bank of window panes has been replaced by plywood. The remodeling process is well underway at the former Flotkens supermarket at 9643 Olive Boulevard.

The far-out building with the fly-away roofline has been vacant for months, but it's being prepped .

The new Shane Co. store is expected to open at the first of the year, according to Olivette City Manager Mike McDowell.

According to a website dedicated to the memory of the old Flotkens supermarket, this month marks the 27th year since Flotkens closed its doors.

"Other grocery companies were building stores 6 times our size and offered a much larger selection of non food items," the website notes. It's maintained by Mike Flotken, grandson of store founder Morris. "We wrestled with the idea of completely changing our focus to one that mirrors today’s Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but, after much research, we found that the St. Louis market wasn’t ready for such a specialty store."


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