Rat Droppings Found at Italian Restaurant: City Inspections

How did your favorite local restaurants and bakeries fare on City of Chicago restaurant inspections?

Patch examined inspection reports in Lincoln Square over the month of November. Information has been compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the Chicago Department of Public Health's Food Protection Program.

Restaurants can pass, pass with conditions or fail using a standardized procedure. Establishments that pass don't have any critical or serious vocations. Those that receive 'pass with conditions' had serious violations, but the violations were corrected during the inspection. Failed establishments had serious violations that weren't correctable during the inspection. A fail rating does not mean the business's license is automatically suspended.

All inspections are done on a routine canvass, unless otherwise noted.

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Pie Cafe, LLC, 4664 N. Manor Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 1
Results: Pass
Comments: This inspection found that a hole in a wall must be fixed, a fan guard in the reach-in cooler must be cleaned, the washroom wall must be repainted and the self-closing device on the door of the washroom must be readjusted.

Due Lire Vino and Cucina, 4520 North Lincoln Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 1
Results: Pass
Violations: Caulking around the three-compartment sink needs to be repaired. There was also peeling and paint accumulated on the ceiling above the cooking and prep area. 

Tank Sushi, 4514 North Lincoln Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 1
Results: Pass
Violations: Labels must be put on products on all bulk containers. The rubber gasket along the door of the reach-in cooler in the sushi prep area must be repaired, and the caulking around the three-compartment sink, dish machine and two exposed hand sinks in the prep/kitchen were worn out with a black moldy-type substance, according to the inspector's report. The exterior of the oven/toaster in the sushi area must be cleaned in detail, and the gaps around the pipe in the basement must be sealed to prevent pest entry. 

Mediterranean Grill, 4609 North Lincoln Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 7
Results: Pass with conditions
Violations: The certified food manager was not on site while potentially-hazardous food was being prepared and served. Additionally, an inspection summary report was not posted on site and visible to customers, and the grease trap box under the three-compartment sink must be cleaned. Cracked and missing floor tiles in the rear storage area must be replaced, and the gas around the conduit, pipes in the kitchen and gaps on the ceilings inside both washrooms must be sealed. Visible thermometers must be placed in the reach-in freezer, three-door cooler and one of the prep coolers.

Caro Mio Italian Ristorante, 1831 West Wilson Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 13
Results: Pass
Violations: Inspectors passed this restaurant after a failed inspection on Nov. 1 where a reach-in cooler needed to be repaired or removed; six rat droppings were found on the floor under the front counter; and a mop sink with running hot and cold water must be installed.

Costello’s Sandwich, 4647 North Lincoln Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 14
Results: Pass
Violations: Management must provide the label of the product on all food containers in the cooler. The caulking was worn out around the employee washbowl sink and the ice cream panel needs to be cleaned. The inspector said the following needed to be cleaned: the fan guard of the walk-in cooler, walls behind the mop sinks and vents inside the mens washroom. There were also damaged walls in the basement.

European America Grocery Store, 5356 North Lincoln Ave.
Inspection date: Nov. 20
Results: Pass
Violations: Management must defrost the ice cream freezer because of heavy ice accumulation and caulk around the sink splashguard. There was also peeling paint on the walls behind the washbowl sink and there were missing caps on the lighting fixtures above the prep area.


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