News Nearby: Shane Co. Opens in Olivette

The jewelry store moved from Brentwood to Olivette.

In the space of 22 hours, the Shane Co. Jewelry Store shuttered its location in Brentwood of 16 years and opened up at its new location, the old Flotken’s Super Market building on Olive Street in Olivette.

The 14,000 square foot space is the focal point of the 20-store, 13 state enterprise and the largest regional center in the group.

Founded during the depression

Founded in 1929, Shane Co. is fourth generation owned by Tom Shane and his son Rordan. 

The Shane Co. caters to buyers of all ages. Company officials often make visits to international markets in Bangkok, Antwerp, Tel Aviv and other international cities to purchase jewels.

Ryan Quinnell is serving as store manager of the Olivette location.

“We are a regional store. We have customers come to see us from 100 miles around. They like to shop and dine while we put together their custom-made jewelry,” said Quinnell.

Shane Co. is the official jewelry store of the St. Louis Cardinals. Red Bird memorabilia hangs on the walls including the framed jersey of former manager Tony LaRussa.

When the idea to locate in Olivette was sparked

In July, Tom Shane and a car full of executives toured St. Louis County, searching for more parking and a new home. Shane fell in love with the abandoned 1950s building across from the Olivette Shopping Center.


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