Bittersweet Memories of Brandt's Cafe

Patrons of Brandt's Cafe share their thoughts about the owner's decision to close.

in The Loop has been met with mixed reactions by former patrons.

In an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, owner Adam Brandt said the influx of “thugs" into The Loop scared away his customers, contributing to his restaurant's demise, but some people who spoke to University City Patch believe other circumstances led to the closing.

Caitlin Tadlock, who recently visited Brandt's with co-workers, said the service was awful. “We never once got what we wanted,” she said. 

“We ordered beer, but the bartender kept serving us martinis. He refused to give us what we wanted. The drinks were disgusting, and we refused to pay for them. They tasted like cotton candy," she said.

"They did give us a VIP card that was created using a Sharpie marker. All the time I’m thinking, I’m never coming back here, I wondered why they were even open.”

Angela Johnson, a University City resident and regular patron of Brandt’s, said that she always enjoyed Brandt's. 

“I thoroughly enjoyed their brunch, and I also loved their bloody mary bar on Sundays. Brandt’s was a really nice establishment, and though I haven’t been there in a while, I always appreciated their service. Their food was great, and I never had a problem there.  I am sad to see them leave,” Johnson said.

Scottie, a tattoo artist at in The Loop, said that Brandt’s had great chefs. 

“I always loved the textures, colors and flavors of the food they served there. You could tell they had real chefs who were particular about the presentation of their food.” Overall, he described his experience with Brandt’s as decent.  He said the food was good but it was pretty pricey for an average day.

A group of friends Brian, Dun, Chelsey, Karina and O’Dell said that Brandt's recent changes alienated them.

When Brandt’s remodeled its café and changed the ambience, in addition to adding a dress code and hiring a bouncer, it drove people away, the group said.

Karina said that Brandt's wasn’t cool anymore. 

Jarrett Thorps has worked in The Loop for several years. He said Brandt’s had some good food and decent drink specials. However, he scoffed at Adam Brandt's notion that a criminal element in The Loop was behind Brandt's closing.

“Utterly ridiculous,” he said of Brandt's explanation.

Dan, who didn't want to give his last name, said he had a lot of friends who worked at Brandt’s and was a regular at the café, however, he was not surprised to hear Brandt’s had closed.

“At first, they had a really cool staff. But at the end, they got rid of the friendliest people and had just a few nice ones left. But as I walked by Brandt’s on a regular day, it always seemed to be slow before and after they remodeled,” he said.

Local rapper Black Spade said his experience at Brandt’s was hit-or-miss.

“I’ve been to Brandt’s to listen to their live music, but it seems that being under a new management is what caused them to go under.”

Adande, a St. Louis native who now resides in Las Vegas, said she loved Brandt’s. 

“They have always had great vegetarian options that were super tasty, a friendly staff and a pleasing wine list.” 

“Aw, that makes me sad,” she said when she learned Brandt's had closed.

Charisma, a local poet, appreciated Brandt’s for its good brunch and impressive wine selection.

After hearing that Brandt’s had closed, Charisma said, “Wow, that’s sad, but only partially true. Brandt’s hadn’t been doing so good in this economy anyway. Stronger venues like , and have maintained steady business." 

Overall, Charisma said she remembers Brandt’s as a quaint place that will be quietly missed.

mary nani lhotak July 03, 2011 at 04:30 AM
Is it ironic that this location is the absolute front and center business to the newly installed, Chuck Berry statue? Hmmmm. Best wishes to the new business that invests in this piece of real estate. Tip-future tenant in this spot, please please negotiate a firesale rate of rent with the gentleman named Brandt, based on the daaaaangerous location not based on the significant cultural and recreational investment the Chuck Berry statue and Centennial Greenway improvements represent. Oh and don't be suprised when the Chuck Berry statue is an international destination right here in our town.


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