Ten Magical Children’s Books For Gift-Giving

Patch asked newly-published children's book author Jo Ann Kairys to tell us about the most magical children's book on the shelves this holiday season. Here is her list.

Kids say and do the darndest things, right? And so often, they provide tender or hilarious or wonder-filled inspiration for picture books.

One day I heard my granddaughters complaining about the rain as they thumped on the window. Eager to get outdoors, they waited impatiently for the storm to end. Suddenly, they pretended they were the rain. “SWOOSH! SPLAT! SWISH!” Their sounds were innocently poetic, perfect ingredients for a rhyming picture book. Putting it all together in story form is when the magic happens—a sound in just the right place, a vibrant image that brings the story alive, and characters who draw you right into their world.

There are so many wonderful children’s picture books. I’d like to share a few from 2011 that I think have that special magic—the kind that children will love to hear and read over and over again—and you will, too! Some are from major publishing houses. Others are from smaller, independent publishing companies. Several have received high honors and distinctions.

Check out the gallery above to see my pick for this years 10 most magical books for gift giving.

All are available from retail locations like Subterranean Books and online stores.

Read and enjoy!


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