May the Fourth Be With You: Share 'Star Wars' Memories

Today is Star Wars Day, and your trusty editors talk about what a galaxy far, far away means to them. Share your best 'Star Wars' memories.

May the Fourth be with you! It might not be an official holiday, but for millions of Star Wars fans, it is a chance to reflect on the mythology that has grown so close to our heart. We wanted to share our memories and reflections on Star Wars, and maybe inspire you to do the same.

Leave us a comment below, or click the "Upload Photos and Videos" button to share an image of a Star Wars costume, toy, midnight release or anything else. No picture is too nerdy. (But pictures do need to conform to Patch's terms of use policy.)

Here's are some memories from your trusty editors from around St. Louis Patchland, and be sure to click through the photos of an original 1977 Star Wars press kit!

The newsroom was all abuzz back in 1977 when press materials arrived at the newspaper office where I worked. In addition to an invitation to the premiere of Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, there was an elaborate press book featuring dramatic stills from the movie. The images showed scenes unlike anyone had ever seen and led to much questioning about what this Star Wars thing was all about. All was explained at the movie premiere where dozens of media representatives filled the seats of the Olivette Cinema and were treated to a kind of epic movie that was groundbreaking. And, unlike the typical reaction from the media, at the end of the movie everyone stood up and cheered for what they had just witnessed, knowing there would be sequels coming, but not realizing there would be five more Star Wars features on the way in subsequent years.
Dan Barger, Fenton-High Ridge Patch

We had a Vader-faced cassette box set growing up, and I must have watched all three original films dozens of times. Now I know every line and scene instinctively, like muscle memory. I love the worlds and the characters and the story, but I think what captures me is the sense of purpose and destiny the heroes are driven by and yet struggle with. No one told them they were going to save the galaxy. It just crept up on them. But by their guts and wits and luck, they beat the odds and make a difference. You can't plan that, but if thrown into a situation you could never have expected, a little Han Solo bravado and Luke Skywalker determination might just see you through.
Andrew Hudson, Affton-Shrewsbury Patch

I think the lesson about Star Wars for me what that life needn't be dreary. If a person stepped out of their regular realm, kept an open mind, and dealt with new people... that person could become more. Luke was teenager in a desolate world with little to do, his friends left home, his adopted parents had him do mundane things. A few outside events dislodged Luke from his farmer's life but he agreed to leave that life, travel outside his world, learn from others and it all changed his life.
Michael de los Reyes, Arnold Patch

You know why I love Star Wars so much? There's a direct correlation between depth of Star Wars knowledge and how good of friends I am with someone. If you've ever been to a midnight showing, read one of the comics, played any of the video games or quoted a subtle (or not so subtle) reference to Qui-Gon Jinn or Greedo, then you're probably one of my favorite people. Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth be with you!
Ryan Martin, Associate Regional Editor

The first time I saw Star Wars I was probably 6 years old. But it's hard to say, because I always recall playing "Star Wars" with friends for as long as I can remember. We owned the Empire Strikes Back which in my humble opinion is the best of the trilogy. After waiting in a line that stretched around the block to see the "new" Star Wars movie in high school and the disappointment that ensued, I don't acknowledge any Star Wars films made after the 1980s. When I think of Star Wars, I think of being a kid. If someone popped in one of the "real" Star Wars films, I'd happily watch and remember epic battles on the playground with a smile.
Owen Skoler, Kirkwood Patch

I wish I had something really profound to say about Star Wars....I believe The Empire Strikes Back was the first Drive-In movie I remember seeing as a child. I collected the movie-themed drinking glasses they had at McDonalds at the time...what they were doing giving kids actual glasses instead of a good hard plastic, I'll never know. When they broke (because I dropped them), I was crushed.

Lasting questions: How did Darth Vader eat or drink, or was it just assumed he didn't need to...Anyone else think it strange that Princess Leia lost the slightly 'Brit' accent almost before the end of Episode I? And what were they thinking when they came up with Jar Jar Binks?
Gregg Palermo, Creve Coeur Patch
I saw the first Star Wars film as a high school senior, and I'm a devoted fan of the first three—original—movies. My husband and I have used the catch phrase "I have a bad feeling about this"  for everything from childbirth classes to the day my son got his driver's permit. We compare everything to the size of a womp rat, and the correct answer to "I love you" is, of course, "I know."
Tamara Duncan, Wentzville Patch
First time I saw Star Wars was the weekend it came out. My brother Chris and I walked up to Grandview Theater in Florissant and watched it. My favorite character was Princess Leia. And I had a little crush on Luke, since he was the star character, and I was only 9 years old. After the movie, my brother had to have all the Star Wars action figures.
Sheri Gassaway, Webster Groves Patch

Unfortunately, we had a few editors who, well, just don't get it. Let us weep for them.

It's yet another sci-fi flick that seems to be a lot of fighting over something. The only scenes I remember are that little Yoda dude in a misty swamp, and Darth Vader's voice at the end, and thinking—he has no head.
Jean Whitney, Chesterfield Patch

I've never seen it. Now, it's like a personal mission to go through my whole life without experiencing it.
Lives under a rock
Sarah Flagg, Mehlville-Oakville Patch

Tell us in the comments below: what does Star Wars mean to you?

Robin Tidwell May 04, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Oh dear...those poor, poor deprived individuals who have never seen Star Wars.... I was there in 1977, the old Creve Coeur theater. Went with my best friend. We had a major crush on Luke - not sure why! We had posters, jewelry, the soundtrack album, trading cards, bedding, etc. And we dressed up as Princess Leia and R2-D2 for Halloween. Um, for the next two years! And I took my kids to the midnight showing of Clones; fortunately, I do have one who is a huge fan!
Ryan Martin May 04, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Star Wars costumes on Halloween are always my favorite, and I haven't seen an R2-D2 yet. That's cool!
Jean Whitney May 04, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Yay Flagg and Jarrett, as shining examples of awesome lives w/o Star Wars!
Jason Wescoat May 05, 2012 at 01:10 AM
I'm so ashamed, Sarah, so ashamed...


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