Walk of Fame Leaves Impression on Visitors

Janesville, WI columnist likes it so much he is proposing one for his city.

It's been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that's true, the Delmar Loop should be thrilled to hear that the is inspiring visitors from other cities.

Greg Peck writes a column called Opinion Matters with Greg Peck for the Janesville (WI) Gazette. He recently visited St. Louis and was struck by the walk of fame.

He wrote: "The 116 names are indeed impressive. They include Charles Lindbergh, Ulysses Grant, Harry Caray, Chuck Berry, Dred Scott, Joseph Pulitzer, Betty Grable, Tennessee Williams, Dick Gregory and Lou Brock."

Peck wrote that while Janesville doesn't have the great number of celebrities that St. Louis does, he could see the benefits of a walk of fame. He asked readers to add their favorite Wisconsin natives to the list. 

Check out our other stories on the Walk of Fame:

Since the question has been posed, who else should be added to St. Louis Walk of Fame? 


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