These Streets Were Made For Walking and Biking

Trailnet, Washington University volunteers evaluate U-City's Parkview Gardens neighborhood for easy walking, biking

About 50 volunteers helped evaluate how friendly the Parkview Gardens neighborhood in University City is for pedestrians and bicyclists.

About 10 groups walked and bicycled through the neighborhood Saturday morning, recording conditions, taking photos and evaluating impediments to walking and biking the area.

“You’ll look for different design mechanisms that make it easier to walk or bike in the area,” Christopher Colizza, of Trailnet, told the group during training.

They would evaluate street width, sidewalks, handicap accessibility, traffic signals, mixed use buildings and other elements, Colizza said.

“You’ll evaluate how friendly these spaces are,” Colizza told the group. “Do they invite you to walk in them?”

The findings will be used to propose improvements to the city on pedestrian and bicycling facilities in the neighborhood.

Improving the ability to walk and bike in a neighborhood reduces dependence on cars, helps the elderly stay in their homes longer, increases physical activity, helps kids walk to school safely and stimulates the local economy, according to a Trailnet news release.

The project is part of a cooperative effort between Trailnet, Washington University and University City. The effort is funded by a grand awarded by the U.S. departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Transportation.

The Parkview Gardens neighborhood boundaries are Olive Blvd. on the north, Delmar Blvd. on the south, Skinker Avenue on the east, and Kingsland Avenue on west, and include a portion of The Loop.




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