Patch Picks: 5 Green Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

You can always have another glass of dyed green beer, but this St. Patrick’s Day, why not celebrate with these great drinks that are green year round.

  1. Diogenese from Momo - The Midori makes it green, but the Chambord makes it delicious. The Irish will tell you a good drink makes any man a philosopher.
  2. Cucumber Margarita from Flaco’s Cucina - The subtle green color and flavor in the cucumber liqor makes this the most unusual yet refreshing green drink you’ll find this St. Patrick’s Day.
  3. Plantation Cocktail from Eclipse  - Basil and lime give this cocktail color. Grapefruit and Cointreau balance out for bitters and fruitiness, plus a little simple syrup to sweeten the deal.
  4. Asian Mojito from Ginger Bistro - Fresh mint, crisp cucumber, and a combination of sake and rum fill this fusion drink with tasty green goodness.
  5. - For the uninitiated, the green tea with black tapioca boba looks like something they’d serve in the Star Wars Cantina. For lovers of bubble tea, it’s delicious. Get a glass when your party winds down and let the antioxidants help clean some of the green beer you’ve been drinking out of your liver.

Instead of drinking every green thing in sight, if you’re feeling like a St. Patrick’s Day traditionalist, stop by Caitlin’s Green Eyed Grill for some Fish and Chips and a glass of Guiness.


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