Loop Media Hub Planners Meet with Taiwan Delegation

The group, which wants to create a smart city in University City, will discuss its plans.

The International Biotechnology Enhanced by Cloud Computing Workshop was held at the 2012 Midwest Chinese American Science and Technology Association (MCASTA) Annual Symposium Sept. 8.

During the Symposium David Sandel, president of Sandel & Associates, and director of The Loop Media Hub Feasibility Study gave a keynote presentation “Smart City - Where Community Evolution and Technical Opportunity Meet.”

After the Symposium Sandel, the , the (COCA) and Skandalaris Institute participated in a meeting with Taipei Taiwan Education and Culture representative Director Wu to discuss a concept for a University City Loop based Smart City Innovation and Entrepreneurial Center.

On Sunday, another meeting will be held between Loop Media Hub interested parties and Transportation Commissioner Lin and team to consider possible Smart City collaboration between Taiwan and .


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